Meet GlossyGirl Shannon-Summer and Find out What You Have in Common!

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So what is there to say about me?

Let me start by telling you the basics…

1.I am ridiculously positive all the time and see the good in a bad situation.

unnamed2. My favourite thing is a night in, face masks, movies, popcorn and wine.

unnamed (1)

3. I studied abroad in NY for 6 months.

4. I did a road trip around California this summer.

5. Im obsessed with yoga and wish I had the time to do it every day.

unnamed (2)

6. I love to bake, my thing is chocolate brownies, but I make a mean chocolate orange cookie too.

7. I’m a sucker for chick flicks, I would choose them over any other kind of movie any day.

8. Im a total romantic and its actually ridiculous.

9. My favourite season is summer.

10. I am a fashion student in London and it is totally fabulous.

What do you have in common with our writer Shannon Summer?

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Shannon Blanks

Fashion student who loves to explore the hidden gems of London. Follow My Blog.

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