Unexpected Beauty Pairing: Miranda Kerr + Escada

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Can I just say that Miranda Kerr has been kicking butt in the beauty campaign department? The woman has snagged a coveted spot with nearly every major fashion or beauty powerhouse in the last year. Clearly, she’s having a moment!


Miranda recently released a vibrant shot of her over instagram at a shoot for the new fragrance called “Joyful”, holding flowers, wearing pink, and smiling. Only a supermodel could make being sweet look flirty! The key to it all coming together is her eyes. 


Instead of going full on glam she took the name Joyful to heart and flipped her signature wavy curls to the side and played up her incredibly exotic looking eyes with delicate lash definition and a really stunning eye shadow and eyeliner duo!


Miranda always keeps it classic and grown up during her walks on the red carpet but there is something youthful and playful about this look that actually makes her seem more sexy.

I am madly in love with the fresh dewy face and think this beauty look is totally copycat friendly for all skin tones. It looks like Miranda has a chocolate brown eyeshadow and eyeliner on the outer “V”, with a highlight in the inner corner and pink lips. Miss Kerr gets my stamp of approval, and this is my favorite Spring beauty campaign so far.

OK, NOW TALK TO ME: What do you think about Miranda’s beauty campaign, are you loving her curls, eyes and flirty look? 

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