Glossyfinds Latest Drug Store Haul and Review

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Let’s shop till we drop!

So recently I went into my Boots store and visited the make-up counters; Bourjois and BareMinerals, from which I picked up a few little make-up goodies that I wanted to share with you!

Starting with the…

drugstore haul 2

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, ($14.60,

So at first I couldn’t quite understand why Bourjois had brought out two very similar foundations (as two are both called healthy mix) but I soon realized, that this foundation has a very normal formula type where as the other is a gel.  Which is… well a gel based formula, which I LOVE by the way!

but anyway we’re not here to talk about that today,

To me this foundation has a medium type of consistency, it isn’t to thick nor is it to thin.

Drugstore haul 3

I have also found with this foundation that the coverage is also medium and it lasts fairly well through out the day with maybe touch ups around your T-Zone area. With also not forgetting that this foundation, just like the gel one, smells SO good! I mean who would of thought the scent of fruity/ nuttiness in a foundation could be such a bonus!

Going onto a second lovely Bourjois product

Drugstore Haul4

Bourjois Colour Boost LipstickPeach On The Beach, ($14.50 at

As of recently I’ve been loving eye shadow crayons so I thought I’d give a lip one ago too, of course they are slightly different; this type of lip crayon is a lot more like a lip balm in texture.

drugstore haul 12

So I don’t know if for myself I went slightly too light for an everyday casual shade but this is a really pretty light peachy pink color. With saying this however the shade does pack a punch with being well pigmented in color. Along with this lovely summery shade this gives you a subtle shine and hydrated finish, that personally I think looks great with a tan.

I also purchased a…

Bpurjois Maxi Delight Bronzer ($17.95,

drugstore haul 6

Firstly I want to just start with saying that this product is good value for the money as it is huge!

drugstore haul 7

The bronzer itself can be seen instantly within the first brush, however you can still, if you wanted to that is build up the colour with more layers. It also has a slight glittery tint to it which is really pretty for hot summery days or to wear on holiday.

My last Bourjois product is the;

Bourjois Little Round Pots Eyeshadow, ($12.50 at

drugstore haul 8

I love this colour! The shade reminds me of a coco’ee chocolate with specks of glitter/sparkle, but however I feel I must say that these hints of glitter are not overwhelming nor on your face, when applied to your lids the sparkle is very subtle but pretty.

drugstore haul 9

I’ve also found that this eyeshadow lasts very well through out the day! It is very good quality and has a lovely texture when on your lids.

I personally think this is a great eyeshadow for the crease lines to your eye make-up.

and last but not least…

BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow, Sweet Spice ($18.00 at

drugstore haul 10

Quite a bit more expensive than the usual price per product within a drugstore haul but I’d seen this product around all over the place and I was desperate to get my hands on one, and it was in my Boot’s store so I thought why not mention it!

I may just well feel that this is my new favorite eye shadow product ever. I love it, I need more shades and I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

drugstore haul 11

This is the shade sweet spice

It’s just so easy to apply, it blends incredibly well, it has a matte finish and I can’t even feel anything on my lids, it is so light weight!

The texture and consistency of this, sort of reminds me of a liquid concealer.  It is very creamy, it is not to thick nor is it to thin (that it runs all over the place on your lids). To apply this you literally take the spongy concealer like applicator and swipe it over where you want color, then take a firm (I use a ecotools concealer brush) and just blend it out, its that easy!

Did you see anything you like?

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