Our Top 5 Clip-In Hair Extensions!

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I have worn clip-in hair extensions for as long as I can remember and although you can go to a salon and sit in a chair for hours whilst you have a full head of hair fitted – there is nothing as easy than just waking up and literally throwing your hair on your head and your set !! Here are my Top 5 Clip-In Hair Extensions !!

Beauty Works Online 


A world renowned company used by celebrities all over to create the hair of your dreams. They produce a variety of types of clip-in hair extensions – various thickness / lengths, they even have Ombré hair extensions so you don’t have to damage your hair by colouring it to keep up with all the latest trends

 Prestige Hair Extensions 


Known for their unique hair extension application, you can now purchase only the best in Prestigious Hair.



Again although Fabulong are renowned for their supplying of luxurious 100% real human hair, the thickness from root to tip is unbelievable, you can now purchase clip-in hair extensions from them directly



It’s safe to say we all know who Bellami are, right? Thanks to our fave girl Kylie Jenner for collaborating with them and bringing out some fashion forward colours in their range

Luxury For Princess


I’ll be honest I am yet to try out Luxury For Princess but a lot of feedback says they are unbeatable – their thickness and life span is like no other

So what do you wear on your mane? Are you a quick fixer or are you able to maintain your fixed in hair extensions? I’d love to know



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