Pai-Shau Hair Care With Breakthrough Pai-Shau “Signature Exotic Tea Complex”

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If I receive a product that I’ve never tried or heard of before I immediately think it’s no good – I truly am a ‘brands’ kinda girl – I’m really bad when other beauty bloggers are like ‘oh my god – my holy grail blah blah’ Ill immediately think I have to have it regardless of price. Anyway Pai-Shau were kind enough to send me a selection of their hair care products that have pretty much changed my life for good !! Who’d have guessed right?  I thought I was already using the best haircare products for my dull, thin hair but HELL NOOO !!! I am so blown away by the Pai-Shau range I feel like I need to go jump in the shower and pretend i’m doing a hair advert (as if I don’t already).


The packaging alone is just so pretty; gold and purple are so complementary and it immediately makes me think of ‘luxury’ – also did you know Pai-Shau is a variation of the Portuguese word for ‘passion’ and that’s what sets the Pai-Shau haircare line ahead of the rest of the hair products on the market today

Firstly the smell – jeeezzzzeee !! Mazzziiinnnggg !! Imagine you haven’t cut your hair in like forever (me) and the state of the split ends etc…. well mine have now banished because of the magic of Pai-Shau hair care range.


As I said before I really didn’t expect great things because I hadn’t heard of them before – but they really have shut me up as I won’t be using anything else !! Usually just like going to the salon I wash my hair twice with shampoo. I actually trained as a hairdresser but it just wasn’t for me – not enough money and the cattiness in the salon is unreal !!

Anyway I went to do the same here (two shampoo’s) but I didn’t need to, one wash was enough to rid my hair of any dirt and it literally foamed quite quickly considering I hadn’t washed my hair for over a week – gross right? But that’s how great the shampoo was by being able to clean my hair from the moment it was applied.


Onto the conditioner – pure silk in a bottle – again I mentioned my luscious not so attractive split ends but I needn’t worry because the Pai-Shau range completely has my back on this. I didn’t have to leave it on for long as I knew I’d be trying the hair mask afterwards – my hair really needed it.

I’ve re-named this the WONDER mask as it really did work wonders – similar to the conditioner it made my hair feel unbelievably smooth and soft. I felt like I had been at the salon for a hair treatment but all I’d done was jump in the shower.

Pai-Shau even included a serum for me to try out after my heavenly hair washing experience and I’m grateful to them for this – I haven’t had to wash my hair all week and if you have thin hair like I do you will know just the tiniest bit of moisture makes your hair look/feel greasy and dirty and would normally wash it everyday. But thanks to these ground breaking formulas included in the Pai-Shau range I didn’t have to.

Unlike a lot of other hair care products out there at the moment Pai-Shau didn’t try to copy the whole ‘morrocon oil’ thing that everyone seems to be jumping on.  Every product in the Pai-Shau range is a credit to it’s founder Zohar.

The entire collection of PaiShau hair care products are available exclusively at fine salons in the US and Canada. Visit www.paishau.comfor more information.


I’d love to know if you have tried this particular hair care range out and what your thoughts are?

Be sure to drop us a comment in the box below :)




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