Rimmel London Wonder’Lash Mascara

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What’s that? Maegan is doing another mascara review?
I know, I know. But I will continuously admit that I have a serious problem and I am always buying more. They should stop making new ones!


This particular mascara caught my eye for two reasons:

The packaging. Because duh. I’m already a sucker for mascara, let’s roll it up in a copper like tube to suck her in. Well, it worked. I love copper. I love the way it shines. I love carrying around this tube in my bag and whipping it out for everyone to see.

rimmellondon_3_ (2)

The second was the Argan Oil. Even when you remove this from your lashes, they are left feeling soft, smooth, and even a little bit stronger. I’ve been very impressed with this mascara and it’s a little strange for me to say because I am definitely not a fan of the plastic applicator. I prefer actual bristle brushes.

rimmel collage

But all in all, I’m giving this mascara a 9.9 out of ten. A little deduction for the brush, though it is very flexible and will fit to any lash type!

You can buy Rimmel London’s Wonder’Lash Mascara ($8.99, ulta.com) at your local drugstores or by following the link!

Will you be trying out Wonder’Lash?

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