The Secret to Using Dry Shampoo

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I love using dry shampoo on my hair when i straighten it. However, like most curly girls after a workout or 5-6 day stretch of not washing my hair the shower beckons to me. Once water hits my hair I break out in gorgeous twisty coils that look great for the first 24 hours and then they gather up a bunch of oil and I have to wear a bun until the next wash day. For months, I have been trying to get dry shampoo to work on my curly scalp without it getting clumped in my curls or worse, savagely working it in and stirring up major  frizz.


Luckily, I have figured out a gentle method of re-energizing next day curly hair without breaking up curls, stirring frizz or making your head a snowy white mess!


You will need:

Dry Shampoo (I am using Pssssst! original $5.99 )

Hands : )


Step 1


Spray the dry shampoo onto your fingertips from about 6-8 inches away. Two Mississippi counts will get the job done for your whole scalp.


Step 2


Rub gentle circles starting at the front of your scalp (do NOT work through to the ends, just the scalp). and massage toward the midway point between the roots and ends.


Step 3



With your hand acting as a claw, gently pick up large sections of hair from the root and then release slowly. This, as opposed to raking hands through the hair, allows the curls to fall in the most natural way possible. The dry shampoo will be distributed without the frizz inducing shaking that is recommended for straight hair. Do this for as many sections as it takes to get through your whole head and then repeat step 2 if you notice any white powder patches.

Curly girls, how do YOU revive next day curls?


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  • bayanfad279

    I really think I’m going to try dry shampoo now

  • I swear by dry shampoo, I use it so much seeing as I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week.

  • Thank You :)

  • Hi Lisa, you can use dry shampoo to add volume and freshen up your hair. Just spray it on, toss and done! Hope that helps!

  • I’ve never used dry shampoo before :(

  • I have real fine hair, can I use dry shampoo between washes?