Spotlight Secrets: Tips for Looking and Feeling Your Best

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For me, there’s no feeling more incredible than standing on a stage, looking out into a blurred greyscale audience, and soaking up the pillars of light and the buzzing energy. When the spotlight hits, it’s time to sparkle—and getting ready is half the fun. From onstage to office day, here are a few tips and tricks so you’ll always be ready to shine:

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Put your best feature forward. Whether it’s your eyes, your lips, or even your cheekbones, highlight your favorite feature when you do your makeup. You’ll be a lot kinder to your reflection when you see yourself, and you’ll feel great! Use a primer or makeup setter so that your look lasts until you’re ready to crawl into bed and watch Netflix where no one can see you.

Do your ‘do. Instead of walking around town feeling self-conscious about your unwashed hair, try to set aside a little time to do something with it, even if you just braid it into a ponytail or—easier yet—throw on a fedora. It seems like a laughably obvious suggestion, but just taking that one extra step will help boost your confidence and put some pep in your step. Besides, slightly dirty hair will often hold your desired style better than freshly clean hair.

Pump it up. I always listen to music while I get ready for a performance or even when I just get ready to go to dinner. Make a playlist of all your feel-good favorites that will put a smile on your face so you can fearlessly face the day. It doesn’t matter if the songs are the same genre or theme or anything like that—it just matters how they make you feel. Make your own drumbeat and march to it with style!

Be you-tiful. Add your personal flare to your outfit with your favorite pair of shoes or even a bracelet that’s just very “you.” Do whatever you can to customize your confidence.

All that’s missing is your smile, and you’re sure to be beaming when you take a few extra steps to help yourself feel your best. Your day will be more fulfilling, your street strut more assured, and your confidence more tangible. So go ahead—impress yourself. And most of all, never turn your spotlight off.


Tell Us: What makes you feel your best? 

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