My Spring/Summer Beauty Regimen

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So, where I’m from we don’t get much sun (sigh!!). Mainly warmer rain and less breeze during the Spring/Summer months. However the days do get brighter and last longer and this is when I know its time to change up my routine.

Because the days get brighter, I like to add in more color. During the winter its all dark clothes, bold make up and no pastels to be seen. BUT…….. Spring time means COLOR and I love adding it in here and there without doing too much too soon.

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Light pinks, purples and coral colors on the nails especially are perfect throughout Spring and Summer.

My own personal routine is as follows:


L’oreal Nutri Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner, ($6.79 at This gives my hair such an unbelievable shine and it just feels so healthy and soft.


Exfoliation is key to healthy, glowing, smooth skin, so in the shower I will use one of two things. My Cocoa Brown ‘Tough Stuff’ , ($9.50 at or my ‘Glove your body’ , exfoliation mitt,($6.97 at . During spring and summer more skin is on show and its time to scrub the winter off (Yuk) and start glowing.


After my shower I use Cocoa Brown ‘Chocolate Whip’, ($9.39, if I’m wearing tan as this helps to prolong the tan. However if I’m not wearing tan I will use Soap and Glory ‘The Righteous Butter’, ($15.00,



I usually cleanse and tone using Simple , ($15.50 at products. Once this is done I like to use my Botanics ‘ Radiance Balm All Bright’, ($12.99 at This product is great. It softens and brightens skin all on its own or with foundation. I usually mix it with my foundation and my skin is glowing and dewy. I would have oily skin but somehow this does not make that obvious. My skin looks healthy and bright.


I have a few foundations but the main two that I have been using recently are Rimmel ‘Wake me up’ , ($12.20, or Mac ‘Pro Longwear’ NC25, ($32.00 at I actually find the Mac one is a bit too yellow for my skin tone (even though I was matched up in store) so I mix a small bit my Radiance balm and TaaaaDaaaaa, its the perfect shade.



You can probably already tell from this post that I ‘am a HUGE Cocoa Brown fan. So it is no surprise that my tan of choice is Cocoa Brown ‘1 Hour Tan’, ($12.50 at This is in mouse form and doesn’t have the usual fake tan pong (yay!!) it smells really nice. I’m also a huge fan of their ‘Gentle Bronze’ , ($7.81, it moisturizes the skin and used everyday, builds up a nice golden tan.



It’s important to wear an SPF all year round but that importance is doubled when Mr sun pops out. If your usual beauty products don’t contain an SPF, get a lighter separate one.

I know that some days I like to go make up free so on these days I will more than likely just touch up my brows. Using powder or pencil I like to define them a bit more. Brows frame the face and can change your whole look.

Sandals and flip-flops come out in force in the good weather. I like to use Soap and Glory ‘Heel Genius’ to keep my feet in good condition.

On top of all this, I like to use a sweeter scented perfume and deodorant just to go along with the floral scent of the Spring/Summer months.

Is your routine similar to mine? Or have you anything to add?

Ro. x

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