How to Survive Halloween (Without Going Crazy)!

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Whether you’ve been waiting all year for Halloween, and love to be scared, or you really just want to get through the holiday without being haunted, we all get the creeps a little around Halloween. There are some tips on how to survive this Halloween and get to Thanksgiving with your body and sanity still intact.

1.Do not try to contact spirits on Halloween. Where have you ever seen this end well? Put the Ouija board away (properly).

2.On that note, if your friends suggest you go to a grave yard or haunted house, that’s fine…

but still don’t try and contact the dead. Even if you don’t believe in that, the possibility of running from a demon doesn’t sound like my idea of a good night. You just don’t need to add that kind of trauma to your life.

3.Keep your lights on.

Even if you’re not expecting trick or treaters.. Keep them on, maybe all night, just to be safe.  Then if they turn off by themselves you’ll know you are not alone and you can promptly get in your car and leave very quickly.

4.Go to a Halloween party.

That way you’ll be surrounded by fun people, and also if an axe murderer comes to the party, there will be more people so the chances of you getting murdered are slim. And always keep your halloween buddy with you.

5.But maybe dye your hair brown just in case.

We’ve all seen the movies, the blondes always die first.

6.If you hear a weird noise, or see a weird shadow…walk away.

Don’t try to investigate, it won’t end well. Just walk away from it and continue on with your party. You not need to fight a ghost… ot tonight

7.Wear shoes that you can run in, or slip off easily…

You just never know when you’re going to have to run from someone who’s spooky face may or may not be a mask.

8.If someone runs past you screaming, maybe you should also run in that direction.

Either something is chasing them, or they need help.. Nothing good can come from going the opposite direction.

9.If you’re deciding to not go to a party, put on a movie.

We all know that TV will be filled with only horror movies and demon documentaries.

Stay safe this Halloween everyone! Don’t get hurt and stay smart!

What is your tip to surviving this Halloween?

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