#TBT Tutorial: 1960s Makeup

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This month, we’re bringing retro back. That means each week, we’re throwing it back to a different signature style decade. So guess where we start…

~Hey, Mama, welcome to the ’60s!~

(Bonus points if you can name that musical!)

Get those good vibrations going and practice your best Twiggy pout, because we’re about to do some mod-ern day time traveling.

Starting Point


Nothing. Just some foundation of your choice and a “Color Me Barbra” attitude.

Step 1


What’s a face full of makeup without some primer? My lids tend to crease, so I like to start with NYC City Proof 24 Hour Eye ShadowPrimer ($3.99, Amazon). We want to be able to hand jive into the wee hours of the night.

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Beauty Editor: A college senior in DC trying to find the balance between Whitman and Wilde and stopping at Sephora along the way.

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