The Struggles of Saving Money

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Okay, this may come to a surprise to you (or not) but I love shopping.

I loooooooove it.

I love it so much it hurts.

The moment I step into a store something happens to me, I can’t explain it.

Call it the shopping god or something but it’s pure magic. 

1 bag, 2 bags, 3 bags, I want them all.

Look at all the pretty clothes.

Hello beautiful, how are yah?

Want me to buy you?

And because I shop so much, people think I’m swimming in money.

And although I pretend I am.

In reality my account is…


This is embarrassing.

And the worse part is that I’m trying to SAVE.

It’s EXTREMELY difficult because there’s a sale EVERYWHERE. 

I tried being good and bought one pair of shoes last week.

But ended up buying four.

The best part is that I remembered my boyfriend’s birthday’s this month.

And what sucks is that I really can’t afford it.

So now I really have to save. 

I’ll have to practice self control and avoid compulsive shopping.

I loathe bringing lunch from home, but I’ll have to do it if I don’t want to break my budget.

No matter what happens…

And no matter how many DELICIOUS buffets I encounter.

I cannot go shopping.

If I can manage this for two weeks I’ll be fine!

Then I’ll be able to afford to buy my boyfriend a gift!

Hell I could probably squeeze a gift for me too!

I mean every good deed deserves a reward right?

And if there’s a sale I can buy 2, or 3 items because it’s a quarter of the original price right?

Hey you gotta live a little, I’ll save next time. What’s the rush?

Are you a compulsive shopper or struggle with saving money? Let us know in the comments below! 

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