Wine & Your Sign!

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We all love wine, right? There are so many that you could choose from that making a decision could be difficult. So you can buy one of everything, or the less expensive option, and go with the wine that the universe practically designed for you.. It’s all written in the stars!


Chardonnay.  You’re known for being courageous and bold, so you need a bold wine to go with your personality. Try Chardonnay on your next trip to the wine aisle. It’s boldness is sure to satisfy your taste.


Burgundy.  People in the Taurus sign have a taste for the good life and the finer things in life. Try a red Burgundy wine to spoil yourself, because you’re worth it!


Riesling.  I myself am a Gemini, I know how real the dual personality thing is. If you’re going to keep one type of wine in your house, make it a Riesling.   It’s both dry and sugary, so it will be a satisfying taste no matter which personality you’re currently in.


Zinfandel.  You try and get to know people well before deciding if you like them. Try a Zinfandel! The taste at first sip, is different from the taste after you’ve sipped it. It will satisfy your adventurous qualities also!


Cabernet.  You Leos like to be in the spotlight. For a wine that’s just as much of a ruler as you are, go with a Cabernet.  One sip will give you the strength you need to dive into center stage. Enjoy the spot light.


Pinot Noir. You Virgos love attention to detail. Your practical and thoughtful. That’s exactly how Pino Noir is made. The grapes need to be picked at the perfect time, for this to be made correctly. So for all you picky Virgos, try Pinot Noir next time you’re looking for a new wine.


Sparkling white wine. Libras are known for getting along with everyone, so it’s only natural that you have a wine that could easily be paired with anything. Try a sparkling white wine with a fruity flavor or add your own melon or berries to it next time you’re looking for a good time.


Syrah. Scorpios are one of the sexiest astrological signs. So you need something just as sexy as you are. Syrah is one of the darkest, full-bodied wines with lots of flavor. Try this out for your next dinner with your significant other. You’ll love it.


Travel Rosè. Sagittarius are known for being mighty and tough. You may be surprised, but Travel Rosè is a good wine for you. It’s a rose wine, made like a red wine, and for your sophisticated and experimental nature, it’d be a great pair for you.


Bordeaux .You Capricorns have high expectations, and your taste in wine should be no exception. Bordeaux would be a great wine for you to try. It matches your timeless nature as well as meeting your high expectations.


Biodynamic. Everyone loves Aquarius’s for being up for anything and so open-minded. So why settle with a plain wine for your next night in. Biodynamic wine should be enough to satisfy your adventurous side. It’s made with the entire vineyard being balanced with nature and the moon cycles. 


Rose Wine. You Pisces are going to need something to satisfy your emotional side. Chill a Rose wine, and add some berries for a taste that will take you to a magical place. 

Is the wine matched to your sign your first choice?

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