Our Top 10 Favorite Pinterest Hacks!

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Nowadays, if you’re having trouble with something, Pinterest can be your best friend. (In other words, there’s a Pin for that!)

1. The Credit Card
I have some issues when it comes to making a nice cat eye. They never match, they look wonky, the list can go on. This trick sounds so helpful! You use a credit card to keep the line straight. You can use it for your eyeshadow and liner. Find the pin here.

2. Thicker Hair
To make your hair look instantly thicker, brush a little eyeshadow on your part.
For those with thin hair, this is going to be such a great hack that you’ll be doing it all the time. Take a brush and dab it in some eyeshadow (one that matches your hair color) and put it all along your part. Done! Find the pin here.

3. The Best Brush Cleaner
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I’m always looking for new ways to get my brushes at their cleanest. Going through my pins, I found A Slice of Style. The author uses a soap that can be found at Walgreens and I’m amazed because I have never even heard of it before! Brand new looking brushes? Yes, please! Find the pin here.

4. All Day Perfume

Putting vaseline on your pressure points before spraying on your perfume will help the scent last all day! No more touch ups for this girl! Find the pin here.

5. Five Minute Nail Polish Removal

Take off your nail polish in less than 5 minutes using only 1 cotton ball.
Who wants to spend 30 minutes taking off nail polish? Not me, that’s for sure. Get some cotton balls, rip ONE into pieces, DIP into your polish remover and spread the tiny bits over your nails. After a few minutes, your nails will be bare and ready for a new color! Find the pin here, but since that one is one of the ’47 Ways to…’ something pins, here’s the original posting!

6. De-Puff Those Eyes!
depuff eyes
Everyone has, at least once in their life, woken up with puffy under eyes. It’s not a good look. Instead of slapping on the concealer to hide it, use some tea bags! Find the pin here.

7. DIY Teeth Whitener
all-natural DIY teeth whitener
This is great for those of us that like to go the natural way of things and like DIY’s! This is a three ingredient teeth whitener that is so easy to make that you’ll never reach for those over the counter strips again! Find the pin here and the original posting here!

8. Your Gym Buddy
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara, $6
My mom used to give me this when I was little so I would feel all grown up. A clear mascara is the best thing that you could ever wear to the gym. It won’t smudge AND it’s great at keeping your eyebrows in place. Find the pin here!

9. Super Pigmented Eyeshadows

Ever buy a color of shadow that is so beautiful but, as it turns out, you need a million coats to make it noticeable? Use a white eyeliner first to make that color pop! Find the pin here!

10. Prevent Blisters with Deodorant!
For high-heel-ravaged feet
What? This is something I think everyone of you needs to try! Putting a small amount of deodorant on the places of your feet where you think your shoes will rub and create soreness will prevent it! Find the pin here!

With all the pins out there, there are so many more hacks that we haven’t even touched on yet. What beauty hacks have you tried?

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