Top 10 Nail Designs for Halloween That Will Horrify and Goorify

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Halloween isn’t just about the costume or scary makeup. It isn’t all about the fake blood and candy…it is about so much more than that. It’s about the nails, which is something we all love here at Glossy.

So take a look at all these spooky, scary, arty designs…and by the end of it, you’ll be saying that you ‘can’t wait to get your claws into them’.



Image Source: Pinterest

Fancy something a little bit on the fun side? Go for black nails with peek-a-boo eyes for something that is more cute than sinister. Great to wear with any costume and if you are going to a party, paint the eyes with a glow-in-the-dark varnish so they really stand out.

2.Mummy Nails


Image Source: Pinterest

Dressing up as a mummy for Halloween is far from original, but these mummified nails most certainly are. Easy to do and if they look a little messy, it will just add to the effect.

3.Glow In The Dark


Image Source: Pinterest

Who knew that adding the inside of a glow stick to clear nail varnish created such amazing nail varnish! Although a subtle and simple idea, it proves extremely effective for Halloween. Perfect for going partying with too, as people can actually see your nail art…plus your friends will never lose you in the club…always a bonus.

4.Eye See You


Image Source: Pinterest

Something fun and quirky, but it does require some skill! If you don’t particularly want to dress up and just want to focus on face paint and nail art then this is a great idea to go for. Keep it simple but make it effective!

5.Puurrrrrfect Nails

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Image Source: Pinterest

Girls dress as cats all the time for Halloween, but I have not seen one person match their nails to their get up. Really adorable, yet slightly eerie and the minimalism of the design makes your sleek and sultry costume look even more puurrfect.

6.Matte Scared


Image Source: Pinterest

Want to play it down this Halloween? That is totally fine! Sometimes going all out is just too much effort and who wants fake blood on their bed sheets anyway?! This ombre effect matte nail art will look great with any type of costume, devil, witch, dark angel…etc. There are plenty of ways you can make it work!

7.Full Effect


Image Source: Pinterest

If you want to go all out, and I mean, special effect and all sorts. Then this design is what you need. Runaway bride, zombie, creepy doll…you get the idea! Make sure you match your face make up to your nails for a really cool effect!

8.Lifeline Nails


Image Source: Pinterest

Everyone likes to keep ‘em guessing, and what better way to do that than with an anticipation of death. This simple ‘lifeline’ look is really effective and still looks classy…considering.


5bcd693fbc3db5c348ae60ad9fe0f018 (1)

Image Source: Pinterest

Perfect to wear with any costume, these lightning nails create the perfect look for Halloween. Its still spooky yet totally arty and they are bound to be the focus of your outfit!



Image Source: Pinterest

At Halloween, there always has to be blood. Always. So what better place to put it than all over your nails. Yes, you will look like you have killed someone, but thats what dressing up as an axe murderer will do, or you can go for the look of a zombie who has just eaten someone alive…all good, all relevant!

Have fun this Halloween girls…and let your nails do the talking, or should I say scaring, this October.

Got any good nail ideas for Halloween?

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