The Sexiest Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials of All Time

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Valentines day is this weekend and you may or may not be excited about it.  I for one could care less and my fiance and I choose not to celebrate it!  However, many of you will take the special day to go the extra mile to show your love to your one and only.  And why not look hella good while doing it?!

Not only are these the sexiest Valentine’s day makeup tutorials but there is even an anti-valentines day for those of you who  just want to look good while possibly kicking your ex’s ass!

1. Valentines Black Smokey Eye 

2.Valentines Glitz & Glam

3.Anti-Valentines Day Makeup

4.Valentines Day Au Naturale

5.Valentines Pink Perfection

6.Valentines Peachy Glam

Which look will you be doing this Valentines day?!

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