What’s In My Bag? Dior Lip Glow, Perfume, Life Lines & Much More!

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You can tell a lot about a woman by taking a peek into her bag! As a make-up artist I’m expected to carry around make-up in my kit for work, but what about when I’m off duty? I’ve gathered up the must-haves that never leave my purse as a city girl on the go.


My purse changes daily, but this week I’ve been carrying my Calvin Klein Hudson Signature Satchel in caramel. This bag is so roomy, and the interior has very useful side pockets as well as the standard interior zippered pocket. 


Wallet Self explanatory in purpose, but a must-have nonetheless. Even though my purse is high end, I love Forever21 wallets, so I snagged one! The Remixed Faux Leather Wallet looks expensive and holds up really well to my crazy on the go schedule. 

Dior Lip Glow This product is one of my holy grail products. Lip balm works as an emergency brow gel, cowlick tamer, and split end mender!  I highly recommend carrying lip balm to every woman I meet since I get so much use out of it. 

Kleenex Wallet  I’m always using a Kleenex and whether I’m blotting lipstick, cleaning brushes on the go, or even (gasps) blowing my nose, I like to keep things organized. 

Sephora Oil Blotting SheetsNothing ruins a good selfie or a sweet pic with your best friend during a night out like forehead glare! Shine is sometimes the frenemy you never knew you had. I always do a quick swipe with one of these before a photo op.

Marc Jacobs “Oh Lola” RollerballThis scent is amazing, but I have a tendency to spray things like I’m putting out a fire. The best way to minimize the chance of that while I’m out is to carry the rollerball rather than the 100ml designer bottle. 

Item’s that Didn’t Make the Photo Shoot :)

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Moisture TherapyOne of the best products for bad hair days. I frequently get caught in rain storms or visit places with high humidity and this oil smoothes flyaways, cuts out frizz to make I-just-got-rained-on hair look like swimsuit model hair. It also works miracles as a cuticle oil. 

A BookThere is an absurd amount of non-leisurely waiting in my life. For times when I need to relax but can’t use my insanely expensive data plan to online shop, I read. Currently I am bulldozing through the Game of Thrones series. 

Tell Us: What’s in YOUR bag?

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