Meet Our Founder

A Letter from Kenia:

Thank you so much for allowing Glossyfinds into your home. I’m Kenia, a graduate of Columbia University, a proud Afro-Latina, a journalist, and a black beauty expert.

For years, I’ve observed the unethical sale of black beauty products—specifically, hair extensions. Unfortunately, from stiff, smelly bundles to thin and flimsy hair pieces…hair extensions are simply a hit or miss.

Glossyfinds is the solution….

I created Glossyfinds because I believe black women—from all nationalities—deserve a beauty brand that genuinely, wholeheartedly cares about them. We’re in the business of happy—you deserve the best.

At Glossyfinds, you’ll never have to ponder, is it good hair? Instead, Glossyfinds aims to elevate the beauty shopping experience so that you may shop for luxury beauty products from a brand that’s committed to value and service.

Glossyfinds was created for you.

Consider it your personal beauty haven. Our goal is to inspire and empower beautiful black women like yourself to reach their fullest potential through the power of beauty. And to build a better tomorrow where black beauty products, luxury, and sophistication are accessible to black women everywhere.

Here’s to a bright future together.


Kenia Mazariegos